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Education / Translation

I have a great passion for the Spanish language and interest in Spanish and Latin American culture and society. I have travelled to Latin America 8 times where I have obtained specialized knowledge about the Spanish language in the form of volunteering work in Argentina and Cuba, the production of a documentary in Bolivia and I have always lived with local people during various periods. I have also lived in the U.S. and Australia to focus on the English language.

The job as a Spanish teacher is something I am passionate about and I find myself as being in the right place when being in a learning environment. I enjoy very much to work with people.

During the last 8 years, I have worked for a healthcare company ihi Bupa , where I have serviced the Spanish- and English speaking customers both orally and in writing. Thus, I have achieved fine skills both linguistically as well as interculturally. Furthermore, in this job I have had experience in teaching the staff and students about various working procedures.

I both offer Spanish lessons individually and for a class. Furthermore, I make translations:

  • Spanish – Danish
  • Danish – Spanish
  • English – Danish
  • Danish – English